19 Nov 2015

An Overview Of The Overwhelming Evidence Linking IS/ Daesh / ISIS / ISIL to the US, ISRAEL, SAUDI ARABIA, TURKEY & Others via the Globalization Agenda.

        Previous US funded "Moderate" rebels from the 80's ... 

In light of recent events its time to remind everyone that Washington is behind IS, this fact cannot be denied.

I will not go into the long sordid relationship, starting when the US formed Al Qaeda as an asset on the CIA database from Mujaheddin fighters in the eighties in Pakistan and Afghanistan

Or the Role Donald Rumsfeld played in Arming Saddam against Iran with chemical weapons in the Iran / Iraq war and again later before they invaded Saddams Iraq in the first gulf war, and again, for some reason, after 9/11, even though he had no links to Al Qaeda and the US and Israel do....

Lets forget the fact that Al Nusra, Al Qaeda and the Free Syrian Army now are employed by Washington, under the benign label of "moderate rebels" for weapons delivery, when these groups simply function as weapons transfer fronts to latest CIA boogyman ISIS.

The formation of ISIS In 2012 and western sanctioning for the puposes of overthrowing Assad:


The insiders know: Former Dept Treasury Secretary and Father of "Reaganomics" Says Paris Attacks are false flags and ISIS western proxies

Anti-Globalization watchdog www.globalresearch.ca has done extensive investigative journalism of exceptional quality exploring the link between Israel and ISIS, I highly recommend checking out the series:

Brilliant economics website Zero Hedge reports:

The "War on Terror" or "War of Terror" rather, is an obvious fraud that gives itself away regularly.

All this after the "War on Terror" was cited as the pretext for routing the entire middle east in military action searching for Al Qaeda??? Remember the most unsatisfying investigation behind the crime of the century??

 The Russian assault on IS in Syria is legal, by invitation of the Syrian government and has exposed years of bombing Syrian infrastructure by the US who has DONE NOTHING BUT SEE ISIS GROW while it was supposedly bombing them!

Here is a truth-bomb on the realities of covert funding of insurgents in Syria:http://dwahts.blogspot.co.za/2015/09/canadian-economics-professor-sums-up.html

And after Russia smoked ISIL in a couple of weeks, the US promptly shipped in more ISIL reinforcements in their toyota pick-ups under US escort of Apache strike Helicopters (See below).

The US is known to fund and arm all these terrorist groups in the middle east, with express aim of overthrowing Assad, their only true goal, they use the lie that he gassed his own people as the reason they are apparently so keen to see him go. But we never see such humanitarian concern in the Rwanda genocide, or Zimbabwe or any other region not rich in oil, natural gas or Geopolitical strategic value.  The fact is that its proven beyond reasonable doubt that ASSAD DID NOT GAS HIS OWN PEOPLE!

In Fact it was Washington that started the Syrian so-called "Civil War" by importing its particular brand of "Freedom"

Furthermore, the initial ISIS be-headings are now known to have arranged by John McCain and filmed in a studio, but there is almost complete media blackout on this:

All of the Neocon mischief in engineering these proxy wars is to do with the special interest groups of SAUDI ARABIA, The Turkish ISIS oil trade and the ISRAEL LOBBY, to which the US donates billions each year to assist with the occupation of  Syrias Golan Heights and, mainly, Palestine:  http://www.dwahts.blogspot.co.za/#!http://dwahts.blogspot.com/2015/10/setting-record-straight-on-israel.html

For the history and connection to the Bankster Cabal which acts as a shadow world government behind the corporate western globalization agenda, you need to understand the history.
I strongly urge you to take the time to read my articles on the financial backstory examining the financial transactions behind historical facts.  The interpretation accepted by the establishment is seriously challenged by this exercise:

The reason none of these plain facts is known is because the same group that owns these banks owns the worlds controlling shares in oil, and the big multinationals involved with Globalization, like the central banks, including the FED (Read: http://dwahts.blogspot.co.za/2014/10/who-really-owns-fed.html )  , Du Pont, Monsanto and they also own all the major mainstream media groups that work with them manufacturing public consent:

None of this, surprisingly, is actually a secret, top military brass freely admit it! Essential viewing here: http://anonhq.com/army-general-and-bush-secretary-the-truth-about-the-war-on-terror-is-grotesque/

Above (exerpt) or below for full clip

Lets take an in depth look at this phenomenon:

Starting locally in my country South Africa:
A broader look at Globalization, or Corporate Zionism:
The UK Story:
How Free Market Capitalism is made into Crony Capitalism, or Fascism:
The Great Banking Takeover:
The Great Media Takeover: